Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A small wish list

Giving feels great!
But so does recieving :)

This was supposed to be my birthday gift back in October, but I can't seem to find it in stores anymore!


I have been wanting this soo bad!
I found a great deal on this 20% orginal price ($100) plus free shipping.
My boyfriend has promised to buy this for me! 

However ... I do not understand how there are only
xxsmall, xsmall & small all the time!
I think that is discrimination! haha
Not Everyone is lucky to be an Xsmall!
I need a medium!
I got some boobies that will not fit in a small! haha

[EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera]

This black beauty,
I would rather have this more than anythingggg!
But I have to save up myself & my boyfriend is helping me :)
So Hopefully with my tax $$ I'll be gettin' a new camera!

Lastly, this!!!
They also have hello kitty film!
Isn't that awesome :)
I am getting too carried away.
I have to start buying presents for others!!
Speaking of that ...
Back to the subject of Obey Clothing ...

obey clothing mens hand-steniciled wreath tee + ornament in box

I really want to get this for my boy, it's $40.
He is obsessed with Obey! So maybe I should!
He is gonna buy me a $100 jacket hehe.

So What do you think of the jacket? Is it worth the search?
Do you have the same sizing problems!

kristin marie


  1. i love obey, hello kitty and have/love my fuji polaroid!! also, my #1 on my wishlist is also a DSLR camera. haha, we're the same person!! :)

  2. The jacket is super cute, can never have too many perfect black coats!

  3. I looooooooooooooooove that jacket!! Ah! I want it, haha. & that camera! I hope we both get them.. :) hehe. Hope you're having a lovely night!


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