Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The end is almost here ..

for school that is :)
School has really been kicking my butt lately!
I have a full time job then go to school until 10 pm!
but I have to do it! I refuse to give up!
Next week are finals so I am a little worried yet relieved!

In other news:  I had a really great weekend!
I should done this one yesterday but I was busy @ work & at school till late,
I am sure you understand :)

 [Tokyo Wako- Habatchi Chicken, fried rice & veggies w/ a Mai Tai
excessive grilled onions because my boyfriend hates them, lucky me!]

Saturday- Aside from schooolll , wahhh!
We went with a party of 8 to Toyko Wako in Pasadena!
the best food you will ever know, seriously!
then stopped by a favorite bar!

Sunday morning I took the Merto Gold Line to Little Tokyo.
Which is two stops away from my house :)
and ... I had a Hello Kitty Shopping Spree!
My friend Lesly works at Sanrio & apparently there is a special sale once a year when the employee & their guest get 50% off of everything !!!!!!!! ahhh ! and she selected me as her guest! She is the best!

[My newwwww purse!!!
tell me that's not soo cute ♥]

[taken from my iPhone, so not the best quality!
But check out all the stuff!]

I spend about $100.00
I wish I had more to spend, but rent was due hahaha!

I had lunch with my brother, his girl & my little nephew!
He is getting sooo big! I love him to pieces ♥

[taken at the Christmas tree lot]

Last, our good friend Mario has family who works in a Christmas tree lot
 so we got a free tree & some BBQ, thanks to him!
and we got home & drank some Starbucks :)
I can not wait to decorate, but we are waiting for Christian's little brother from Texas to arrive on 12/20!

So that about it for now, until next time ...



  1. Oh my word!!! That hello kitty bag is the cutest thing ever!!!


  2. ugh, really? i'm SO jealous of your hello kitty loot. what a deal!!


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