Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Things I Love Today ...

1. McDonalds' New Frappe Drink
2. Bright Nail Polish
3. This crazy wind ~~
4. The new Weezer song - "I Want You To"
5. You Tube " The Hampster Stare"
6. My IPhone (Keeps me entertained all day)
7. Lunchables (a fast easy snack)
8. My Funny Co workers - they always make a bad day better!
9. Chelsea Handler ♥
10. The few last minutes of work ... Yes!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss Indie's 100 + Giveaway!

Ok this looks pretty neat ...
Miss Indie is giving away 25 items to 4 blog follwers a bunch of awesome stuff such as: journals, scapbooking materials, candy, bath goodies, notepads, jewelry, shopping totes and something from her awesome shop at: http://www.missindie.etsy.com/

Here is a sneak of what there is ...

Did you see the hello kitty "K" letter there?
K for Kristin !

Yeah! I hope I win