Wednesday, July 20, 2011

packy packy

hey hey hey!

My random pic for this week is my playing a baby shower game.
My boyfriend also played & guess what?
He won!
His prize... A Stella Rosa Bottle (which he game me because he's a beer man) yesss! haha
Anyway on with my blog post ...

two more days well 1 1/2 and I will be in Vegas visiting my little rugrats (nephews), partying & at the Las Vegas Lake (I think thats what its called) haha! anyways, I just got my oil changed & cleaned out my car.
Tomorrow is my last day of work until the mini vacay! yay!

My little nephews!
Cutest on the planet!

I have been reading up on a lot of blogs & tutorials and its really encouraging me to learn all this web design thing - thanks to AmyMorby's blog & this link for a blog button! its so hard! lol but I am getting closer!
I reformatted that size & designed the button - I just need to figure out how to put on a widget ... am I getting closer? lol if you have any tips, holla at me ;)

I also have been taking alot of pics - but my computer is wack so it takes forever to upload!

Here are a few:

the two above pics are taken on my porch :)

those three were taken on the 4th obviously, ha.

to end here is a pic of me and my boy ♥
we are unstoppable!

enjoy your night friends!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where the heck have you been?

Hey Peeps!

I have been M.i.A for a while - yup longer than a while.
Work has just been so crazy, then when I am home from work I just want to be lazyyy!

Just wanted to share a little update!

LA just went thru a 2 week heat wave - thank goodness it's over!
Well it was in the 80s - I know I should complain...
It did give us some awesome clouds but I HATE HATE HATE the heat!

Hot days caused lots of ice cream eating.
In my area the ice cream man comes around like every 15 - 20 min!
thank goodness for that! ;)

clockwise: my honeybun & I, my mama & I, hello kitty traveling to krispy kreme

If any of you are from LA  or If you ever visit, you must try this place!
My mama took my boy & I out Saturday! 
My dad used to take us here when I was young -She's the best!

I have a shopping problem - I bought all of these & then some ... ahhh!

Yeah thats some of the stuff I have been up to!
School starts next month & I am still trying to get the habit of eating good & exercising!
I am really bad with that - I love food! lol.
I will be back sooner this time, promise!
I gotta check out my fav blogs & see what everyone has been up to!

Anywho whats new :)