Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Early Turkey Day

So I won't be on tomorrow, or maybe all weekend ...
Just wanna wish everyone a very Happy Turkey Day!

Everyone should over eat, there is so such thing as diets on Thanksgiving! Enjoy all the food and company of you loved ones.

Since it's Thanksgiving, you know you gotta make the list ...

What I am Thankful for:
  • My mom! Although I don't have my dad anymore, I am so blessed to still have my mom, she is everything to me!
  • My new little baby nephew, whom I refer to as "nugget" I am so happy he came to the world as my first nephew, he brought our family back together & I love him sooo much!
  • My boyfriend Christian, we are going on 5 years & I don't know how I would ever without him. He's my sweetie pie & my row dawg! ♥
  • Having a very good job! I am actually in the process to being promoted to a loan officer in my credit union & I couldn't be happier. I know people are having a hard time looking for work or are getting laid off, which I feel really bad, but I am sooo happy I have such a good job at a good company!
  • My car!!! Sounds lameee... but I love my little toaster box! (Scion XB) it's never given me problems and I am happy it's mine♥ I work hard for that $$$
  • Lastly, My two grandma's: My Grandma Molly has been suffering with breathing problems for over a year, I feel guilty I don't visit her, cuz work & school 5 days a week, but I do think of her every single day. And my "Mama Chole"(Cho-le') it's spanish! but anyways, she is 97 years old and is still going strong! I love them both so much & I am thankful I still have both of them. 

Lastly, I'll leave you with the best Thanksgiving movie scene ever ... ♥

"Twenty grand for summer camp & he's Mister Woowoo"


Friday, November 19, 2010


Sunday will be the last day Sanrio will have this event here in LA!
They are going around the country with a pop up store van thingy but only in LA & Miami they are having this event. I went last Saturday for an "I Love Nerds Party"
There was a ferris wheel, minature gold, games & awesome art gallery of all sanrio characters
It was the cutest thing, but The line for the limited edition stuff was soooo long,
so I didnt get a chance to look but I am going back tonight & cannot wait :)

Here is some of the art

More Pics will be posted soon :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Dresses

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and everywhere I go there are Christmas decorations and reminders!
Ahh ... that makes me start thinking of Christmas (which is exactly what they want) haha!

I remember two years ago on Christmas Eve --- it was raining sooo hard & my boyfriend's family had just moved to Texas, my family was celebrating Xmas day and we had nothing to do! His brother, him and I were so hungy & we were all sad we didn't have a Christmas dinner that night, so we decided to drive around and find some good food!
Everything was closed (duh, it was Xmas Eve) 
So then we just decided on what any other Mexican people settle for ...
no not tamales, TACOS!
We went to a taco joint right by out house and guess what we found on the floor?
 $600.00 dollars!
Now tell me that wasn't a Christmas miracle! ♥

Anyways, that not even the point~!  Hahaha! I wanted to post about how this year even if we have nothing to do, I wanna make the best out of it & find a cute Christmas dress!
Here are a few I ran across online :



Betsy Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Urban Outfitters

Forever 21

I have no clue if I want to get all jazzed up and sparkly or just plain Jane.
I am usually the Plain Jane but I feel like I want to change that.
What do you think of these dresses?
Love them, Hate them?
Jazzy or Simple?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leading Man of the Year

He is just so gorgeous & not to meantion intelligent.
Graduated from UCLA, he acts, produces & directs!

Looks & he brains ... *sigh*

A M A Z I N G  ... !

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lovely Leading Ladies

Lately I have been so into girl bands.
I love how these girls just totally own the band and their music & guys are backing them up!
They are what make the band!

These are my favorite leading ladies ...

Bethany Cosentino - Best Coast

Annalee Fery - Monsters Are Waiting

Zooey Deschannel - She & Him

Maya Von Doll - Soho Dolls

Maja Ivarsson-  The Sounds

Uh Huh Her

Are you a fan of any of these bands? DO you know any other awesome girl bands? I used to be a fan of Tegan & Sara but ehh .. I don't really feel them as much anymore.


I got some cool feedback & actually forgot a few ( I can't believe it) hehe & actually fell in love with one new band thanks to (Miss Hailey)     :)

Rilo Kiley


Beach House



A Late Veterans Day Salute

to my dad, Alex Maciel.
I miss his stories, but I am so happy my dad loved taking pix  :)
He told me once when he was stationed in Germany he say Black Sabbath.
( He was so hardcore )

I'm so proud of my papa bear!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Invited ... the Pants Party!!!

This made me think of "Anchorman" when that guy tries to invite Veronica to the pants party (he meant the party in his pants, but it didn't go so well!) hahaha! Ok anyways, that's  not the point, the POINT IS ...


BisCut! Is hosting a give away with 30 items to give a way from her sponsers! Awesome right!
I hope one of the thirty, at least!

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I went to San Fran a few weeks ago BUT i still think these should be shown ♥
It rained pretty much the whole 2 days we were there but I actually loved it.
We went bar hopping in the rain, The Sanrio 50th Pop Up Mobile Event, Fisherman's Wharf, Boudins Sourdough Bread Factory. Omggg Yummm ...!
I was a bit sad because my boy had never been to SF & I wanted him to see the bridge. We rode on it but it wasn't the same because we couldn't even see its entirty because of the fog :(
But we still had a blast, I wish I can post all, but there are almost all the best!


A very Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Pumpkin Patch & my mini pumpkin ♥

My friend Liz & I

Us again ♥

Hello Kitty Shopping Spree

Lombard Street

Me & My Main Squeeze

Lombard Street

Little Italy

Pretty sure they were Strip Clubs

China Town


I haveeeee to go back on a sunny day ♥


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Holly Knitlightly Giveaway

Hello All ...

Holly Knitlightly is have a giveaway! Well actually 3! And it's super sweet !
One Lucky Winner Gets a hand knit cowl (color of their choice)

Two Other Lucky Winners Get $ 25 toward anything in her shop♥
What I would choose:

If you don't already follow her ... you better now ! ♥

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