Friday, November 12, 2010

Lovely Leading Ladies

Lately I have been so into girl bands.
I love how these girls just totally own the band and their music & guys are backing them up!
They are what make the band!

These are my favorite leading ladies ...

Bethany Cosentino - Best Coast

Annalee Fery - Monsters Are Waiting

Zooey Deschannel - She & Him

Maya Von Doll - Soho Dolls

Maja Ivarsson-  The Sounds

Uh Huh Her

Are you a fan of any of these bands? DO you know any other awesome girl bands? I used to be a fan of Tegan & Sara but ehh .. I don't really feel them as much anymore.


I got some cool feedback & actually forgot a few ( I can't believe it) hehe & actually fell in love with one new band thanks to (Miss Hailey)     :)

Rilo Kiley


Beach House




  1. Well I'm a big fan of She&Him and any girl fronted bands (which are hard to come by.) :)

  2. omg! i'm the same way, i used to totally be into dude bands only. but i am really falling in love w/ the ladies as of late. some of my faves right now: eisley, she & him, jenny & johnny (well really anything jenny lewis does, love rilo kiley!), laura marling, florence + the machine, ladytron, paramore (ugh this one is very embarrassing. plus she's a homewrecker.), yeah yeah yeahs.

    oh and nice to see another kristin w/ 2 i's! :]

  3. Beach House, Beach House, Beach House.
    I cannot sing the praises of Beach House enough. Holy geez. So amazing.
    and Warpaint is wonderful too!

  4. The duet from the fotograph are not Beach House. It's Dënver, from Chile. Duh!


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