Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday!
So my 4 day weekend is coming to an end!
This is been such an incredibly long weekend!
I totally avoided the black friday madness this year.
Did any of you score anything?

So now that, Thanksgiving is over...
You know what that means ...

CHRISTMAS is coming ... !

and coming fast!
Are you all ready for it?
I totally am not.
I did do SOME Christmas shopping.
but I have lots to do!
December is going to be a busy month.
and thank god school is almost over.
YAY! (well the semester)
I did a little calculation and I think I may be done next fall.
I hope. i hope.

Oh and I just registered for my Spring classes!
I finallyyyyy got digital photo! yayyy!
So hopfully n a few months I will be pimping up my blog!

Oh and one last important plan!

December 2 is Christian and I's 6th year anniversary!
Now that is an accomplishment!

Unfortunately, Someone at work has that day off 

On December 9th
We are going to, where else?
The Happiest Place on Earth!


and we are going to have dinner at the Blue Bayou!
Those of you who do not know what that is,
it's a really pretty restaurant inside the Pirate of the Caribbean ride
it's all dark and has fake little stars in the sky
I have never been but I hear its beautifu
pricey but beautiful.


Enjoy your week
and Cyber Monday! :)
Share any good online shops that may have good items


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Pic of the Week

This pic was taken at my 
"Happy Birthday -Hello Burger Party"
Fun right?!


Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 ♥

I just had to do a post today :)
Hope everyone is fine and dandy!
The weather in L.A has been so awesome these past couple days!
I am on my 1st day of my 3 day weekend!
I spend the 1st day in Downtown at the L.A Fashion District.

The clouds have been so beautiful

First time @ Panera Bread!
(Chicken almond gapes salad & broccoli cheddar soup)

My cousin Bee bought a cute little bunny!
Its in between names right now bugsie/brownie
&the top left photo shows some cute dogs being slagged for $200!

My new shoes ! 
I couldn't decide on a color, so I got both.

A photo of my boy & I taken last week.
I like when he smile in photos :)

For those of  you with 3 day weekends:
Everyone who's not, sorry.
I will enjoy it for you hehe.

I REALLY miss the blogger world!
I think I may just try & make a comeback! hehe!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Etsy Finds

Hi All!

I really have missed you & the blogging world.
Since I been promoted @ work & started my fall semester, I have been a busy little bee.
I will be back blogging soon.
Until then, check out some really cute Etsy finds this week :)

Free spirit - Feather adjustable bracelet in dark purple

Snow White, Jet Black and Denim Blue Fluttery Birds of a Feather Brook Earrings

Color Block Triangles Zipper Pouch

20 Wedding favors, bridal shower favors, Heart Ring Tray/dish, or birthday parties favors. ceramic pottery (w)

Check back with me soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

packy packy

hey hey hey!

My random pic for this week is my playing a baby shower game.
My boyfriend also played & guess what?
He won!
His prize... A Stella Rosa Bottle (which he game me because he's a beer man) yesss! haha
Anyway on with my blog post ...

two more days well 1 1/2 and I will be in Vegas visiting my little rugrats (nephews), partying & at the Las Vegas Lake (I think thats what its called) haha! anyways, I just got my oil changed & cleaned out my car.
Tomorrow is my last day of work until the mini vacay! yay!

My little nephews!
Cutest on the planet!

I have been reading up on a lot of blogs & tutorials and its really encouraging me to learn all this web design thing - thanks to AmyMorby's blog & this link for a blog button! its so hard! lol but I am getting closer!
I reformatted that size & designed the button - I just need to figure out how to put on a widget ... am I getting closer? lol if you have any tips, holla at me ;)

I also have been taking alot of pics - but my computer is wack so it takes forever to upload!

Here are a few:

the two above pics are taken on my porch :)

those three were taken on the 4th obviously, ha.

to end here is a pic of me and my boy ♥
we are unstoppable!

enjoy your night friends!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where the heck have you been?

Hey Peeps!

I have been M.i.A for a while - yup longer than a while.
Work has just been so crazy, then when I am home from work I just want to be lazyyy!

Just wanted to share a little update!

LA just went thru a 2 week heat wave - thank goodness it's over!
Well it was in the 80s - I know I should complain...
It did give us some awesome clouds but I HATE HATE HATE the heat!

Hot days caused lots of ice cream eating.
In my area the ice cream man comes around like every 15 - 20 min!
thank goodness for that! ;)

clockwise: my honeybun & I, my mama & I, hello kitty traveling to krispy kreme

If any of you are from LA  or If you ever visit, you must try this place!
My mama took my boy & I out Saturday! 
My dad used to take us here when I was young -She's the best!

I have a shopping problem - I bought all of these & then some ... ahhh!

Yeah thats some of the stuff I have been up to!
School starts next month & I am still trying to get the habit of eating good & exercising!
I am really bad with that - I love food! lol.
I will be back sooner this time, promise!
I gotta check out my fav blogs & see what everyone has been up to!

Anywho whats new :)



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Obey Sample Sale

So Saturday, Christian and I decided to go to this sample sale.
He obsessed with this clothing line, like obsessed.
like 95% of his clothes are Obey, its ridiculous! hah!
Anywho, Friday night Christian took me out on a little date & we planned to wake up at 5 a.m for this sale because we only imagined how packed this sale would be.
We pressed snooze one & next thing you know it was 10 a.m!
So we rushed our little asses & drove from Los Angeles to Irvine, which is about an 1 hour 30 min drive.
We go there & here was the line ...

Crazy right??? But .. with all honesty, it wasn't too bad.
We waited in line for about 2 hours. Which wasn't all that bad.
When you get inside they gave us a sticker name badge with a certain time & that is the time we needed to be out! basically we had 20 min to shop the whole warehouse, go to the sorting section & pay for your items.

It was so crazy let me tell you! I only got these items.
I wish I could have gotten more & I regret getting a that white one in Med instead of Small.
Clockwise: Cozy Knit Pullover, Girl Tee, oversize quarter sleeve tee,  another oversize tee & Pullover hoodie. Oh and not pictured - a V neck striped mens tee for my favorite cousins bday next week.

Ok now my BF on the otherhand droped about $230 on all this stuff!
He got 2 Tanks, 4 shirts, Pair of pants, shorts, a pull over sweater, a jacket, 2 woven flannels & a beanie!
A Lot Right?
Yeah he had about $380 worth of stuff but I convinced him not to be a crazy ass and put the maybe stuff back lol. My boy was in Heaven!

and the funniest thing ... we split up during the sale, when we met up to sort our stuff we noticed we both got the same exact shirt but in our sizes lol too funny! We are so a like! You can see them in the pics I took!
PS: Isn't my boy the cutest ♥ He was just trying on the shirt & I snapped it. 

So that was the sale! Phew!

Oh and here is a pic of our date night Friday @ The San Antonio Winery!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! xo

-kristin marie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Pic of the Week

Hi beauties!

So, my picture of the week is something new I tried with my camera.
Yeah I know all you pros already probably mastered this but hey this was my first time.
I tried Bulb Photography!

Now I know I have to focus the background better but any tips :)

Kristin Marie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Etsy Love

This past week I have been browsing through Etsy A LOT!
I totally have a TO BUY List ♥
I really have a lot of love for such crafty/ talented people.
Check out some of my favs:

no. 410 - green stone and chain earrings

Flower Garden Crown

Brown Moss Long Feather Earrings

Lovely Curvy Custom Name Necklace - triple sterling silver chain -  wood or acrylic

What are some of your favs?
I'd love to hear from ya


kristin marie

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Winter Kate

Hello beauties!

First off, please excuse my absence. I have family in town, I have been working hella hard at work & I am winding up to finals week!
Hope everyone is have a FAB week! I have tomorrow off from work so I cannot wait to end this work day :)
Anywho, I my usual weekly emails from Nylon Mag & they had featured Nicole Richie's Fall Clothing Line, "Winter Kate"
Read more about it here. The look is totally Nicole Richie. I really admire her style. Check out a few items from her Fall Line.



I am not really into the whole boho chic look but I will admit it's cute!
What do you think?

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture? Oh Please!

I am probably just as sick as you hearing this mumbo jumbo about the world ending!
I am currently taking "The World's Great Religions" in school right now
and prettyyy much my teacher was telling us about how crazy this is!
SO---it's the end of the world & we are barely finding out about this now?
Whatever GOD any of us believe in, why would he be so evil to kill us all?
How would we know the exact time?
Just like the 2012 junk, it's all B.S! 

All I can say is I work tomorrow and I am pissed about that!
I work at a credit union, I am not supposed to work Saturdays!
Oh well, overtime $$$

talk to ya'll TOMORROW :)

& if I am wrong, Oops!



We are still alive, Big Surprise!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi New Followers

I have gained quite a few more lovely followers
from Miss Holly Knightly's Blog.
Welcome all of you lovely people!

Let me tell you a little about myself in case you haven't read my "About Me"

My name is Kristin.

I live in Los Angeles, Calif & I love it more than anything!

I am a Libra, a girlfrienddd, a straight forward girl, a loan processor, a student, an adventurer, an amateur photographer I guess, hehe. (I absolutely love taking pictures!) 

I have the best boyfriend in theee world! 5 1/2 years & still going strong! He fills in the qualities I lack, vice versa. 
He seriously is the funniest boy I ever met.
Overall, he's just my best friend and I love him :)

I live with my boyfriend and my cousin Leo! 
So everyday is a fun day in my house!
Leo (my little bird) is my side kick & partner in crime

I love hello kitty, shopping, margaritas, baking, rainy days, flowers, my camera, nail polish, stuffed animals, flats, jeans, coffee on cold nights, girl days out, hanging out and making the best of life.

 Oh and I travel far places for Hello Kitty :)

You can also read more in my about me, or if I missed anything, feel free to ask me :)

I'd love for everyone to tell me about themselves as well 
Hopefully we all can be friends :)