Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi New Followers

I have gained quite a few more lovely followers
from Miss Holly Knightly's Blog.
Welcome all of you lovely people!

Let me tell you a little about myself in case you haven't read my "About Me"

My name is Kristin.

I live in Los Angeles, Calif & I love it more than anything!

I am a Libra, a girlfrienddd, a straight forward girl, a loan processor, a student, an adventurer, an amateur photographer I guess, hehe. (I absolutely love taking pictures!) 

I have the best boyfriend in theee world! 5 1/2 years & still going strong! He fills in the qualities I lack, vice versa. 
He seriously is the funniest boy I ever met.
Overall, he's just my best friend and I love him :)

I live with my boyfriend and my cousin Leo! 
So everyday is a fun day in my house!
Leo (my little bird) is my side kick & partner in crime

I love hello kitty, shopping, margaritas, baking, rainy days, flowers, my camera, nail polish, stuffed animals, flats, jeans, coffee on cold nights, girl days out, hanging out and making the best of life.

 Oh and I travel far places for Hello Kitty :)

You can also read more in my about me, or if I missed anything, feel free to ask me :)

I'd love for everyone to tell me about themselves as well 
Hopefully we all can be friends :)




  1. Ahh I love a gal who covets Hello Kitty!

  2. So happy you've got a bunch of new blog followers! :) You deserve it! I love your blog, it's so cute, haha.

    I do have to disagree with you on something though... I have the best boyfriend in the world! Sorry! ;) hehe.


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