Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Chit Chat

Happy Sunday!
& Happy May 1st!

Well it's been a crazy two weeks!
I was on vacation two weeks ago and all last week I spent my time being sick at home!
I was getting a little miserable but thankfully I am up & running to my normal self again!

Anywho, Lets talk about the Royal Wedding!

(Side note --- check out that little girl on the upper left, looking all crazy?? )
I am glad to read everyone else was also up at 3 am watching it too! haha!
I thought I was the only crazy one!
Seriously, how lucky is Kate Middleton?
It does suck she had to wait for 10 years to finally marry him but who knows, I am sure they had their reasons to wait.
I also never realized how beautiful she was! Like Reallyyy Beautiful!

I fell asleep watching it so I even had a dream I married my boyfriend!
It's been over 5 years - I am going to tell him I am not going to wait like Kate! jk!
I was sooo into watching the Royal Wedding, I even had a mini screening party Friday Night.
(Friday night because other people weren't sick in bed & had to go to work, haha)
My mom went allll out and bought champagne glasses/ lemonade/ crowns/ white flowers/ glasses & lots of sweet treats! 

Bianca & Leo

Mommy & Me

Yeah a little lame but it was fun! haha! yay!

Last but not least --- 
I am finally a sponsor for the month of May on Miss Holly Knitlightly Blog.
This is my first time & I am really excited, She was one of the very first blogs I following and she is such a sweet heart :)
So checkkk it out! <3


Kristin Marie


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better now! It's such a bummer when you're sick. Blah.

    hehe I didn't watch any of the wedding, but I think it's awesome & fun that you had a screening party! I can't believe they dated for 10 years before getting married! I didn't know that! (And I'm with you, hope I don't have to wait that long! Haha.) She is definitely gorgeous. And that little girl does look crazy, haha!

    Thanks for the sweet compliments! You da best! ;)

  2. (Hahahaha and I love your glasses!!! Hilarious. Too cute.)


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