Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture? Oh Please!

I am probably just as sick as you hearing this mumbo jumbo about the world ending!
I am currently taking "The World's Great Religions" in school right now
and prettyyy much my teacher was telling us about how crazy this is!
SO---it's the end of the world & we are barely finding out about this now?
Whatever GOD any of us believe in, why would he be so evil to kill us all?
How would we know the exact time?
Just like the 2012 junk, it's all B.S! 

All I can say is I work tomorrow and I am pissed about that!
I work at a credit union, I am not supposed to work Saturdays!
Oh well, overtime $$$

talk to ya'll TOMORROW :)

& if I am wrong, Oops!



We are still alive, Big Surprise!

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