Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 ♥

I just had to do a post today :)
Hope everyone is fine and dandy!
The weather in L.A has been so awesome these past couple days!
I am on my 1st day of my 3 day weekend!
I spend the 1st day in Downtown at the L.A Fashion District.

The clouds have been so beautiful

First time @ Panera Bread!
(Chicken almond gapes salad & broccoli cheddar soup)

My cousin Bee bought a cute little bunny!
Its in between names right now bugsie/brownie
&the top left photo shows some cute dogs being slagged for $200!

My new shoes ! 
I couldn't decide on a color, so I got both.

A photo of my boy & I taken last week.
I like when he smile in photos :)

For those of  you with 3 day weekends:
Everyone who's not, sorry.
I will enjoy it for you hehe.

I REALLY miss the blogger world!
I think I may just try & make a comeback! hehe!



  1. umm i LOVE your new shoes girl! and i totally do that too... buy 2 in the different colors if i can't decide haha!!

  2. Love the first photo of the bridge.


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