Monday, December 20, 2010

A Forecast of rain ... ALL WEEK ?

Hey Peeps!

Well, if you are in the Los Angeles are you would know
this whole weekend has been full of rain!
NON STOP since Friday!
Don't get me wrong, I loveee the rain but GEES...
 there is just so much I can take! hahaha
And it isn't sprinkling or raining...ITS POURING.
Pouring since Friday, I seriously can't believe it hasn't stopped!
To top it off, it isn't expected to stop till Thursday!

Friday night, I had to finish Christmas shopping & I went to Citadel Outlets
(which of course are outdoors)
Got super wet & come to find out my boots had a small hole on the bottom!
Oh and I spent some of my Christmas money on ME :)
Mini Shopping Spree @ H & M.

Today, Christian's little brother from Texas comes to visit for the holidays!
 He is so excited hes been texting me like crazy counting down weeks, days now hours :)
He is like my little brother, love him like my own brother :)
So anywho, tonite his flight arrives at 9 so another long drive in the rain!

PS: Thursday- After about 3 hrs at the car dealership, my boyfriend bought his dream car!!!
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Let me tell you, this car hauls some serious ass! >_<
I wanted to take a pic of him with it BUT we got home @ midnight & its been raining everyday since then so .. yeah, hopefully soon :)

Have a nice evening everyone & if your LA becareful !!
this rain is nuts!



  1. i saw a little blurb today on yahoo about cali's crazy rain. hope you stay dry and safe!

  2. Don’t get fooled by its typical 4-door sedan look because the engine runs like that of a race car. There’s only one downside to this car, and since you mentioned it was raining crazy the day you were at the dealership, I should probably tell you that its gets a bit slippery on rainy or snowy days. Unlike the new Chevy Malibu, the powerful engine causes a lot of wheel spin since it comes with antilock brakes.

    Tyra Shortino


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