Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Planning a Bridal Shower Tea Party!


Hey all!

In about four months my cousin will be getting married!
April 2 , 2010 to be exact!
Being in a wedding makes me think what if I get married...
who would I choose to me my girls?
What theme will I go for? How will I find a dress? All that jazzz!

but anyways, sorry side tracking...
I am happy to say she picked me to be her Maid Of Honor!
So far, I think I have been doing very good.
She thought up the wedding to be a
1940's Hollywood Glam Theme.
Everything she has planned already matches the theme perfect!
She is even having in an old mansion. very cute!

So of course me being maid of honor,
I need to be the H.B.I.C (head bitch in charged)
 for her bridal shower.
I thought, what better theme than a tea party!
I would like to go all the way but I have to compromise with ideas only
because people ARE picky! 
I got some great ideas but I am still very open for any suggestions.

Here is what I got so far:

Finger Sandwiches
Chicken Salad
Ham & Cheese


tea party wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes (of course)
Sugar cookies with frosting & sprinkles
petit fours

Tea! & Drinks
Green Tea
Iced Passion Tea
Water with Lemon Slices
Strawberry Lemonade?

Teapot/tea cup center pieces w/ daisys or gerber flowers.
lace table cloths
A Pretty Banner

Lastly, I was hoping I can encourge just brides maids to dress in tea party attire.
(dress, gloves, hat) and suprise the bride with all this plus a very special hat & gloves.

Does anyone have any tips or places where I can go to get these thing?
or maybe gifts for the games? I have the games in mind, very good ones.
Help a sista' out♥



  1. Oh boy! This sounds like my kinda party! Check out my Tea Party Birthday and get some Ideas..


    Yours Truly

  2. hey kristin!

    just wanted to let you know
    that you won my lily b. giveaway.
    i tried e-mailing you but i copied it
    wrong or something and it came back
    to me, so i thought i'd try here. please
    e-mail me your mailing info. when you can
    and i'll forward it to the sponsor! :)

    congrats again!


  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme!!! i wanna go!! it sounds wayyy too cute. hmmm, i think you should be able to get some of those at like antique places?? there was one in arcadia that i couldn't put my finger on right now and on top of the fact that i'm not sure if they're even still around. and the desserts you mentioned, there's a girl that we graduated with and she works at a bakery in the The Grove but does desserts on side that might be able to help you out with the designs. (remember Michelle Repajic? choir, armenian..) and as far as the bridal shower gifts, if you're using like centerpieces, or even some of the antique stuff, those would be AWESOME gifts. :)

  4. It's really hard to plan for a bridal shower. I've been observing my sister as she’s planning her best friend’s bridal shower. I shared your blog to her and she was so thankful for the ideas. I'm glad that she can already polish the tea party since the bridal shower will happen in less than a month. Anyway, I wonder what kind of tea did you serve in the bridal shower? :)


  5. Fabulous bridal tea party!! Your arrangements are really awesome. Have to arrange my sister’s bridal shower at one of famous NYC wedding venues. Looking for some good theme for the day. Want to make this day amazing.


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