Friday, December 31, 2010

Feliz Nuevo Ano! Dos Mil Ounce!

[Translation] Happy New Year! 2011!

Anywho, everyone is sooo in 2011 making resolutions.
With all honesty I am not making any, i never ever keep them.

Trueee thattt!
I am just just going to keep on doing my thing!
Just maybe a little better :)
I don't have too many complaints on 2010,
This year has been pretty good to me so it is sad to see it go so fast.
But it's a new year and a new begining, more adventues ahead.

I am going to keep going to school & work my a$$ off to graduate.
It's so hard having a full time job and going to school till 10pm,
but in the end, I know it will pay off.
I am also doing very well at work,
i am almost promoted to a loan officer,
so I am hoping just to complete that!
Oh & Christian & I's 5 year anniversary together earlier this month

[Side Note]

I don't know about you,
but I loveeee trying on clothes & taking pics!
Does anyone else do this?
I feel bad when my boy is waiting for me hehe.
I regret not buying this dress, wahhh! :(
I could have dolled this dress up!
Do you love my pink socks?
This would have been a nice New Years Dress !
Oh well ...

So I am starting the New Year with my favorite drink!
I would rather be at home safe for New Years
I am just having a small shindig at my house,
I stocked up on Stella Rosa Wine & Stella Rosa Champagne :)
Well only for my friends, my boy likes Corona! haha

Happy New Year to all my new friends!
I hope to improve my blog & have a makeover soon!
Leave everything behind & let's start fresh ♥


kristin m.

(P.S. If anyone knows any cute unexpensive blog designers/sites let me know)


  1. Hello hot dress! I am hoping you bought that because you look GORGEOUS in it!


  2. such a cute dress!!!! and those cupcakes look so delish, girl!

  3. I was paroozing [is that even a word, really?] and saw the part about blog design. I designed my blog layout and could definitely do something for you if you'd like! Email me if you're interested and we'll talk pricing :]
    -Allison Kaye


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