Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend Recap + First Outfit Post

ohh heyy!!!
So Monday, we meet again!
This weekend felt soo long but its all gooood!

Hope everyone's Christmas was nice :)

Friday, Christmas Eve, I spent it with Christian's family. Totally awesome people!
I unwrapped my first gift, tamales! hahaha! They gave me some cute clothes, it was so nice of them to think of me :) but being with Christian for 5 years now, they know we always gonna be together ♥

Satuday, I went to visit my Granny in the rehab she is in, i miss her tons & I am praying she will be out soon! Lastly, we traveled to Chino to see my mom's side of the family. It was cool, drank some wine, ate alottttt!!! Oh and we watched the Family Guy Starwars Movie, super funny btw!
I got some hk pjs from my brother, hk slippers from mom, money from Christian to go shopping (since that is what I do best) & The most thoughtful gift I got was from my cousin...

For a year now I have been saying I am going to get my new camera "The Rebel"
Well this month a fund was finally started & she gave home made this card for me and wrote the cutest letter to me saying she was thinking what she get me, she can't afford to give me the camera, so she thought she should throw some money in the fund :)
I can't say how happy I am about that so I am just about half way there :)

My Santa Baby!
My Nephews First Christmas :)
I love him more than anything!

My Christmas Outfit
(forgive the horrible quality)

Top: H&M, Tights: F21, Boots: Delias, Belt: Botique in Pasadena,
Ring & Bracelet: Xmas gift from Grandma

It was thw end of the night sorry! hahaha!

Sunday, I bummed it alll dayyyy!
I hung out with Christian's little brother
 (not so little, he is taller than my boyfriend, 10 yr age diffrence hahah)
We watched movies, ate chili cheese fries & baked cookies :)
I like him like my own little brother!
He is only visiting one more week & he is off to Texas again :(

Last but not least: Today is my mama's birthday!
She is the best mother anyone can as for.
She is the funniest mom you will ever meet, she is one of a kind
and I am glad I can call her mom!

Have a beautiful day peeps!


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  1. Love your outfit! Absolutely gorgeous. That card is too cute!!!



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