Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just returned from Vegas!
and ohhhh myyyy goshhh!

I had a blast! It was my cousin's bachlorette party & she made sure we did it right!
We had the Bella Suit on the 44th Floor

The view from the 44th Floor

We also were lucky enough to go to TAO !
VIP - We walked right in & had open bar for an hour!
My cousin got sick of wearing here veil & sash so we switched for a while.
It was sooo hillarious!
Seriously so much fun! I have many more pics ..
a lot which will never be posted haha.
But hopefully I get around to uploading some :)

Oh and apparently it was some kid's birthday from GLEE!
Chord Overstreet?

Don't know, don't care ...
but in case any of you like him, he was standing right next to me & some other GLEE people
I would have only loved it if the teacher was there!
Oh and that Morrisson guy! haha!

Oh and here is me all fancied up ♥

I bought this dress

Oh! and I had to stop & grab a cupcake before our longggg ride home!
So much traffic - it took 7 hours! ahhh!
Oh & did I mention it was pouring rain when we drove down there?
Very scary, but worth all that sitting time! haha!

Glad I am home.
I missed my boy ♥


kristin m


    hahahaha i loveeee him! such a cutie
    sounds like you had an amazing time and those cupcakes look so delicious!!!


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