Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Update & Discontinued 30 Day Challange

Yep! I been slacking, Well not really. I started school last Monday & I was sick, so.. ah!
I have decided to discontinue the 30 Day Challange.
I am not a quitter, It's just I got over it & some of the questions were soooo boring!
I will however, do some random questions like you will read below! :)

Oh & two updates ...

1. I will be in Vegas from Friday till Sunday for a bachlorette party in honor of my cousin Vanessa! I can't even tell you how excited I am. I will have my two cousins and my best friend plus 6 of her closest friends! We are staying in a suite at The Venetian.

Venetian Bella Suite Bedroom: Pictures of the Venetian Hotel CasinoBathroom In A Ventian Suite: Pictures of the Venetian Hotel Casino

2. I won Crafted Love's Giveaway yesterday which she will redesign my blog :) YAY!
  I am so sick of looking at my boring layout. So within a month I think it should be done :)
 Ok, here is my little random questions ...

Post your top 5 favorite books, favorite movies, favorite bands and favorite food.

I am totally changing this and doing my top 5 :)
no particular order!

Favorite Books
1. Beauty Queen
2. It happened to Nancy
3. Go Ask Alice
4. The Bell Jar
5. The Outsiders

Favorite Movie
1. Virgin Suicides
2. Whip It
3. Now and Then
4. Old School
5. 500 Days of Summer
6. My Girl
(Yes I added one) :) 

Favorite Bands
1. LittleJoy
2. She & Him
3. Radiohead
4. Coconut Records
5. Beach House

Favorite Food
1. Burgers
2. Tuna rolls (hold the wasabi) hehe
3. BJs Buffalo Chicken Pizza
4. Chicken Lettuce Wraps
5. fries!!!!

(carbs galore, don't judge me hehe)



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