Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day Recp!

It is actually a very small recap from my iphone, I am not able to upload pix from this computer :(
As I read in other blogs, I really do miss the feeling of going to school, making little mailboxes.
Every year my mom & dad got me gifts and candy! I had a really good childhood ♥ hehe.

This year is Christian and I's 6th Valentine's Day together!
This year probably was the best!
My day started off getting some cupcakes & candy from my co-workers.
All the ladies at work were getting flowers delivered and I was a bit jealous! haha!
Christian called before my lunch hour to let me know he will be there to pick me up for lunch.
When I got into his car.... There was a red rose waiting on the seat for me :)
My boyfriend is diff not the cheesy type at all!!! So i totally didn't expect that! We went to eat lunch and when I returned to work ... My brother dropped by for a surprise visit with my baby nephew! I was soo happy to see him, he is moving to another state next month & I have been really sad about it. After he left, I finished up my day at work.

When I got home I gave Christian the card I had made him & A Huge Receses Pieces Heart (his fav).
He told me he had to give me my last gift, I was like ... wait another gift?? He suprised me with JUICY COUTURE EARRINGS!
2 weeks earlier I had pointed out I really liked those and he bought them for me! YAY!
Lastly, we meet up with good friends our friends & had a triple date at Gordon Biersch. It was so amazing! I can't even explain how happy I was! I really wish I had more pics.
maybe soon :)

Clockwise: The card I made Christian, Christian's gift to me
(A rose, cute note & juicy couture earrings),
our appetizer Crab & Artichoke Dip, Dinner-Pecan crusted chicken.

Hope everyone's V-Day was also very special day with whom ever you celebrated with ♥



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