Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Heart is Torn Between Two...

and I cannot make up my mind!
I am getting a good rebate check from Uncle Sam (for once) and I am not sure which one I want!
Wait did you think I was talking about boys? hehe
Nooo ... my heart is only set on one boy♥

Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 18-55mm IS Digital SLR Camera Kit
Canon EOS Rebel T1i
I love taking pics & why not move up from my Canon Powershot to this?
I would love to take pics of my boyfriend doing all these neat tricks on his bike!
Better pics on my bloggg :)


The Mac Air !
I am obsessed with photobooth!
My friend Lizette got me into it.

and perhaps decorate as so ...


I know I can buy the camera Cash!
BUT I can also make a good down pymt on the MAC book!
Why can't we all just have whatever our little hearts desire :)

What do you think?


kristin marie


  1. Well. My vote is to get a camera for obvious reasons.

  2. i'd go w/ the camera too. i know macbooks are awesome, but the monitors suck. i'm saving up to FINALLY get an imac, just as soon as i know if i'm getting a raise/bonus. fingers crossed!

  3. i also hoping to get a great tax cheque and i also am thinking of buying the exact same camera so i say go for that!! camera is way better then buying a mac just for the photobooth, haha. just buy a webcam and i'm sure you could dwld a photobooth program from somewhere like the one the mac has.

    though i do love HK and that is a super cute decal for the laptop!!

  4. i agree!! you have so many uses and reasons why you want the rebel, yet you just want the mac just for the photobooth.
    If you spend your rebate on the rebel, whatever change you have leftover, you can save it towards the Mac. Because who knows, by the time you saved up enough for the Mac, a newer & better one might be out by then and price will drop on the one you want. :)

  5. Thanks for alll your feedback ladies!
    I guess going with ur gut feeling is always right ♥

    I'll let you girls know when I score the Rebel! Yay!



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