Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Friday- Christian & I accompanied our two friends on their first date.
We set them up & look cute together♥
We ate at the Alcove Cafe and Bakery in  Los Angeles.
Not far from my house.

I wanted to take a picture of my yummy panini turkey melt w/sweet potato fries
BUT the lighting was not so great!
Check out the sweets:

Saturday- My cousin collected all her brides maids and we went out to eat
at my favorite place ...
the San Antonio Winery.  We discussed wedding details :)
Not only did she pick up the bill, she also gave all the brides maids different shades of MAC Red Lip Sticks for us to wear at the wedding & ME.. since I am the maid of honor she gave me a black ruffled makeup bag with a hello kitty keychain, hello kitty chapstick & also a Russian Red MAC Lipstick.
She is total opposite of Bridzilla! I love her!

Not the best picture of us hahah
but you can notice our red lips♥
The middle gal is my beautiful soon to be bride cousin!
actually 4 of these lovely gals are my cousins :)

All the wine & left over food!

Sunday- I went hiking with my cousin Jessica in Eaton Canyon.
She is on the cross country team for her school.
Second fastest runner at Alverno High School.

The view from the top!

This was "Photo Op Heaven!!" too bad I only had my cell phone.

Lastly, the best for last, took almost an hour to reach this bad boy!
We had to cross the river with rocks and hike!
It was an intense workout!
4 miles!

Hope your weekend was great also ♥


kristin marie


  1. oooh what a fun wkend! i swear, if it wasn't horrible for me (and i didn't feel sick doing so.) i'd eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. your hike sounds awesome! we don't have anything like that in tx. i'm so jealous when i see photos of where other people live. :[

  2. I loveeeee cake so much lol
    Texas has so much awesome things also!
    I love going to Texas, I go about once a year!
    But you have to visit Cali ♥



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