Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Challange - Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3
If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do?

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hmm... interesting question.
I can probably answer this, But if this were to really happen it would probably would play out the total opposite and I'd be doing a lot of crying and freaking out! haha!
BUT aside from that...
  • Of course be with my loved ones!
  • EAT EAT EAT (from burgers to cupcakes)
  • sing & dance around most of the day
  • stop at Disneyland
  • shopping spree
  • marry my boyfriend
  • not sleep the night before
  • swim
  • give all my prized possessions away to people that will appreciate them
  • Tell my mom she means the world to me

Day 4
Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good.

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Actually, this has been recent. The past 6 months have been great. I have went to working in the telephone service center in my credit union to assisting as loan processer in the loan dept. This has given me a better opportunity to show the top dogs what I am really made of! It is very hard in some cases to move up here and I feel so thankful they have selected me to work be in the loan dept. It isn't official but I am hoping and praying it will soon be! Oh and yeah a pay increase that has really helped me out ;)
Also, I have been closer to a lot of my family. I started to realize the negative people in my life that I do not need & begging some to stay in touch. I know who my true friends are and who appreciates me as a person.
Christian and I just hit the 5 year mark & I could not seriously ask for more. He is soo great to me and he's my best friend. I wouldn't choose anyone else to be spending my time with.
I am overall just a happier person and I am actually feeling proud of the person I am becoming. I do come across those negative nancys (hehe) but I don't let that hurt me or bring me down anymore. I move past it and just think that we only live once and we have to take advantage of the little time we are living and that is exactly what I am doing!


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1) Post 15 facts about yourself.

2) Write about the best friends you’ve had over the years.
3) If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do?
4) Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good.
5) Write about a period of time in your life where things were not so good.
6) When was the last time you were truly honest with someone? What was it about?
7) Post your favorite quote.
8) How do you feel today?
9) What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
10) What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?
11) Write about the best day of your life.
12) Write about the worst day of your life.
13) What are your plans for the future? Far and near.
14) Post your favorite book, favorite movie, favorite band, and favorite food.
15) Write about something you worry about a lot.
16) Write about your relationship status.
17) Bullet your day.
18) Post one confession/ secret.
19) Write about your last birthday and how you plan to spend your upcoming birthday.
20) What did you eat today?
21) How has your life changed over the past year?
22) Find a horoscope site and post yours.
23) Post your Blog crushes.
24) How was your week been?
25) Write about your first kiss or first love.
26) Write about your best/ favorite kiss.
27) Write about somewhere you would want to move or visit?
28) If you had three wishes, what would they be?
29) Write about any particular habits/mannerisms that you have.
30) Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

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