Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hii all!

First... I been noticing all these peeps blogging about the blogiversary & I was wondering when mine was... it actually was 01/08/11!
One Year! hahaha!

Although I haven't really paid much attention to it until the last 4 months I really am loving the blog world. It's so fun seeing & reading everyone's thoughts & photos ect.

So anways, this weekend I did soo much with my three day weekend!
(Sadly, I only have a few pics to recap)

Friday, my boy, bff & her new boy went to eat at Sharkeys in Manhattan Beach & after walk along the beach- how romantic huh? haha!

Saturday-I finally washed my beautiful car & and shopped at Target!
I only intended to spend like $20 - instead blew $80.
At night, Went to a karoke bar - !

Sunday- The gang headed to Millie's in Silverlake for Breakfast & we walked around a bit & enjoyed the hottt weather that LA is finally getting!

The cool thing about LA is all this random-ness

 My BF is soo cute, hes always my model haha

Monday- I had the day off, so my cousin Vanessa (bride to be) went to downtown & search for some wedding stuff! For lunch we stopped at Pete's Diner!

My lunch looks goood huh?

To complete my day I saw my baby nephew!
He seriously lightens up everyday!
I love my little nugget ♥

PS: Even though I had a three day weekend, I wait for the weekend.
My granny is sick & I wish I can see her!
She is 97 years old!
She is such a strong lady so I know she will pull through!

How is your week going, friends?


Kristin Marie


  1. Hey! About your comment on my Instagram post... I didn't post all those pics on instagram together, I just combined all my recent pics into photoshop for the blog post :]
    -Allison Kaye

  2. hey kristen girl! thanks for stopping by my blog! heres to your cute lil grammy getting better real soon! and your little nugget is adorable!!! xoxo


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