Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well i am back from Texas and I am a sicker than a dog!
(I think that's how that phrase goes)

I have been cursed with horrible tonsils!
coughing non-stop, sleeping all day, now I am like a vampire, wide awake past midnight!

Any who, I really need to catch up on my favorite blogs!
I have prollie missed so much!

I went to Houston but we took a nother side mini trip to San Antonio!
Here is a small recap on my Texas Trip!

In front of the Alamo

The Famous Alamo

Me and my Boo

The River Walk
Sooo beautiful !

PS: Let me just add...
I Love PeeWee Herman!
and when I seen the Alamo in real life,
I thought it would be so much bigger!
But oh well, it was still pretty cool ♥

Oh yeah and no basement was found :)

PPS: I am sooo glad to be home ♥
I will never leave Los Angeles!


kristin marie

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