Monday, April 11, 2011

Time for a Mini Vacation...

Hello Beautiful Friends!
This time next week I will be enjoying some much needed time off of work!

I am definitly making use of this time.

Starting this Friday night, I am leaving to Vegas to visit my brother & his little family for my second nephew's baby shower. If we are lucky, maybe she will have the baby this weekend when we go down! haha! That be cool! Also, spend some time on the strip, drink a biggg tall margarita & maybe a show.
Last but not least, visit this darling baby ...

My adorable nephew Alexander!
I love him sooo much!
I am so sad he lives so far from me!

Any who, I will return from Vegas Sunday night, then I will have two free days for myself. I am planning on having lunch with my aunt, she is an admin assistant for Nestle. Yes, Nestle chocolate! She hooks it up! I know for sure I am in for a treat! Then I will probably meet up with a friends for lunch then hit West Hollywood for Taco Tuesday! haha I never am able to do that with my 8-5 job!

Wednesday, I will be getting ready to board a plane to Texas! YAY!

photo taken last year by: ME

My boyfriend and I will be suprising his parents & brother who live in Texas! Cute huh? Yeah so I am really excited about that! Planes really scare me but then I just get used to it. Turbulance freaks me out!
Here are just a few pics I took last year in Texas ♥

Chistian's little brother, he's pretty much my lil bro now :)

I love me some Texas BBQ!

The landscape is beautiful, if only Los Angeles had this, then it be perfect. So there you have it, if only this week can just fly by. Just knowing there are four days left of work makes the days go by slowerrrrr! Plus everyone seems to be applying for loans so I am busy!
Enjoy your week!


kristin marie


  1. ooohhhh where in tx are you goin? whenever i move from this god awful state (tx and i have a major love/hate relationship.) bbq is gonna be one of the things i miss the most. hope you have a nice time! it's already getting hot here. :[

  2. Oh man!! That BBQ looks SO good. :D

  3. Hey Kristin!
    Thanks for the heads up! I am going to Hockley, which is like a little city right next to Houston! Where abouts in Texas are you from?
    OMG I need to try more BBQ places there :)


  4. hmmm i don't know much about houston. only been a few times when i was a kid. but i hear it gets super gross humid there. so watch out! haha. also, don't know if you're into art, but this place is supposed to be bad-freakin'-ass:

    i've lived in dallas most of my life, but was born in san antonio. which is my fave city for food. bbq and tex-mex! :]

  5. The first picture of the clouds is awesome!


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