Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too much at the same time

Hiiii ! Just a little friendly update ...My Internet is getting reconnected April 5. YAY!
That means more blogging!

I finally had my cousin's wedding shower. It was a total success!
That is one of the many pics taken. (it was chocolate fondue ,not shown)
A friend from High School made the cake, isn't it beautiful!
and the price was sooo good!

The wedding is Saturday! I have so much to do! Especially make sure my cousin doesn't go crazy, I am her maid of honor I must fulfill my duty, even if its supplying a glass a wine before the "i do's" .

Starting April 16 I will be on vacation to TEXAS! YAY! I love visiting Christian's family. That also means lots of photo ops, Texas is a beautiful state. I love how even one there is all proud to be a Texan! Oh yeahhh and all the beautiful flowers everywhere is a plus also.

Christian and I will have a new room mate veryyy soon! Can't wait to share!

Last but certainly not least, my second nephew is on his way any day now, I can't wait!
My brother lives in Las Vegas, so it will be another excuse for us to be there :)
Can't wait to meet the rugrat!

My Favorite Indie Fashion Designers got a blog. You should check it out & her shop :)
You will not be disappointed. If you recall, she made my cake dress I wore for my birthday.

Oh! and I just joined Tumblr.
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Talk to you all, very soon!


Kristin Marie

PS: Now do you know what "Too much at the same time mean?" hahah!

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