Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!

As you (may) have noticed, I have a brand new look on my blog.
Last month I had won a giveaway for a blog makeover from Crafted Love.
So thanks to Allison, my blog looks so pretty!
She was very kind to every idea I liked and disliked, so check her out if you also want a makeover :)

Anywho, things in my life have been a bit crazy lately.
I have been (kinda) promoted & doing a whole bunch of new stuff at work then school! blah!
So I am hoping to be more consistant with this blogging thing very soon ♥

The next two weeks are still going to be a bit crazy. As I previously mentioned, I am a maid of honor in my favorite cousin's wedding next Saturday, her bridal shower I am throwing is this Saturday.
Plus,  I have a History Mid Term & paper due Monday! Yikes!
I am writing it about Yoga & how it connects with religious beliefs (Hinduism, Buddism) Very interesting religions by the way. Any suggestions? hehe.

So anyways, stay tuned.
Thanks to everyone reading ♥


Kristin M

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