Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The week after my birthday ...

Before I start ... here is my awesome birthday dress...

Bought from:  imyourpresent
I'm so obsessed with all her stuff!

Anyway, I waited alllll year for my birthday to come and now it's long gone!*tear*
However, I did have the most amazing birthday WEEKEND ever!
When I arrived to work I had soo many gifts and hello kitty balloons, not to meantion my favorite pie ...
 B A N N A N A  C R E A M  ....
(They know me so well)  :D

When I got home from work, my boy suprised me with an ice cream cake and the most cutest card with the most loveliest words. He is not a chessey guy so when he does cute things for me, it means sooo much :)

After, I got ready and met all my friends and family at Tokyo Wako!
It's my favorite place ever ! It like Bennihanas but a tad bit different. Oh and of course I got tons of gifts and so much hello kitty stuff to add to my collection !!!
After dinner, my boyfriend's brother insisted we still celebrate ... so we went to Bar 104 in Downtown LA and I came home about 2am. (Oh did I mention I had work at 7 am the next day?) hehe.

So that was my complete birthday BUT lets not forget the weekend...

Friday- My boyfriend Christian and I went to see JACKASS 3-D! So hillarious! But I do think part TWO was the best.
Saturday- my best friend came over early and we went shopping for drinks and supplies for MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! OMG, it was sooo much fun! All my girls had temp. hello kitty tattoos hehe & lets not forget we danced all night. I had to literally to kick people out at 5 am because I was tired pooped!
Sunday- I woke up at 9:00 am because I had my last birthday date! My aunt and my cousin were going to take me for a hike but it rained, thank goodness, because I was not about to hike after my night ;)
Instead we went to lunch at Cafe 140 in Pasadena, CA. Everything on the menu looked so delish, but of course knowing me .. I got a burger, but let me tell you, it was amazinggg!
After we checked out a bookstore and then just came back to her house and hungout in front of the fireplace! Oh and her present ... Hello Kitty Footsie PJS! sooo cute!

I am so thankful that so many ppl showed me love & were part of my birthday celebration. Its times like these you just know who is there for you and who really cares about you :)

Many Fun Pix coming soon as soon as I stop being lazy, hehe.

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