Monday, September 27, 2010

Girls' "Weekend" Out

Thursday through Saturday, my boyfriend went to the "InterBike" BMX convention in Las Vegas.
My Boy is soo cool and does all those awesome tricks. I guess most of his friends have sponsers so he got in lot of the events for free !
Thats him below :) It doesn't look that high but trust me, it is!

So I was left without him for a few days, I was a bit sad at first, but I decided a needed some girls nights! Thursday, I had school, then I hit up my bff Lizette for a late night snack @ ihop!

Friday, I met with Bianca, Vickie & Lizette went to have some bombbbb sushi! it was the best ever! Then, we went to see the movie "Easy A". It was sooo cute! I love Emma Stone, shes the next best thing! :)

After, we went back to my place to drink some Summer Beer & watch Jersey Shore! (You know you gotta loveeee that show) We actually used my bfs new video camera since he was outta town (hehe) and filmed what we did that night but I am not sure how to put videos up! haha!
Liz slept over & the next day had breakfast @ Coco's then we totally shopped till we dropped! To end the night, I went to my cousin's Engagment Party, which I am the Maid of Honor! yay! It was sooo much fun!
I know maybe I shoulda' gotten a little more crazier since my boyfriend was in Las Vegas! But I just had such a hard week I just decided just to have an simple girls night :)

Now today, back to Monday, the same ol routine, work/ school x's 5 is back!
BUT at least my boys back & I am complete again! I missed him ♥
Plus October is just around the corner and I have sooo much planned for that month!
MY Birthday Month ! YAY!

Happy Monday & if your in Los Angeles like I am. I sure hope your staying hydrated & out of the sun. This "Autumn" weather of 104 degrees is crazy insane!



  1. Aw, sounds so fun!! I can't believe how hot it is there! It was real hot here the other day, but then it dropped down to 12 (which is 53 I think?). It's nice and cool here now.

    (And hey!! I'm your newest follower! :))

  2. Hi Holly, nice to meet you :)
    I wish I was were your at! hehe
    It's literally like an oven in LA, not normal in Spt.

  3. ahhh i love emma stone! ok, i have to follow you now. you have awesome taste.


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