Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Night in Los Angeles ...

So, I won 2 tickets to "One Night in Los Angeles" Hosted by PerezHilton.I felt so cool because I entered and didnt think much of it, until I recvd an email saying "You've Won"!

Of course I brought my partner in crime. (My boyfriend, Christian)
We got there about 5pm, thinking we will just pick up the tixs & then maybe go eat.
When we got there the line wrapped around the Wiltern Theater.
So turns out, almost everyone won that entered. Hahaha! It was a free concert !

Anywho, We waited in line for about 3.5 hours!!!
During that time we ate McDonalds (we were getting desperate for food haha) & I met Perezhilton :)  anddddd I also met Jesus, but thats a whole other story!

It was well worth the wait! When we finally go in we grabbed some drinks, went to a photobooth and found out seats! ( I look a little weird in this pic but my bf looks cute, trying to match with me & wear hehe)

Florence & The Machines, Taio Cruz, Pit Bull & N.E.R.D played! Now usually, Pitbull wouldn't be really my cup of tea for music. BUT... he stole the show! Non-stop singing, dancing and a l o t of pelvic thrusting! haha! He really is funny! He nvr stopped once to take a break! He was outta control!  I was so excited to see Pharrell but ehhh ... his stange persona was a bore!
I wish I can upload more pix from the concert but my camera isn't working right  :(

Anyways, that's my Saturday night ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. You guys make a cute couple! How was perez in person?

  2. Awww thanks. :)
    Perez is really energentic! He didn't stop moving around. hehe.


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