Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥Sweets & Hearts ♥

So... one day i stumbled across this website
It's basically a website with all these creative peeps, selling their hand made stuff, such as; Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Clothes, Blankets, Scarfs ... a whole bunch of awesome stuff.

I came across some girl named Erica Leigh who made Hello Kitty Ears herself!
Now, the ppl that know me, know i l♥ve hello kitty to the maXxX.

Check them out:

Cute righttt? well you should check out the rest of her stuff in her shop & blog @ :


Everything in her shop is made by her! i wish i can have one of everything. hehe ♥
I am working on getting a one of a kind, custom made shirt from her soon ... so stay tuned!

Also, Enter her give away, it has tons of cute one of a kind items.
Here is the link:




  1. thanks so much for the post, krissy! ♥
    good luck :D

  2. i made some of those for my halloween costume last year. yup, i was hello kitty. it was pretty incredible if i do say so myself.


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